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The Spiral model is a universal approach to understanding how people think about what they are doing and how their thinking influences their relationships with other people to enhance whatever their purposes may be.

Spiral Dynamics programs aren't about categorizing people into boxes. The eight levels of existence and the transition states between them are only the visible signs of much deeper forces at work. Those energies arise from the interaction of two elements:
     The life conditions the person or group encounters
     The brain/mind capacities available to cope with such conditions

NVCC's Spiral Dynamics training addresses why people have the values they do and how to deal with them better. Rather than supplanting other models or technologies, the framework allows all good ideas to be integrated, aligned and synergized so as to become most effective and appropriate. That was Dr. Graves's earliest objective: to find a way to draw a lot of good ideas together so they could be used better and more effectively rather than set into competition.

Thus equipped, any reasonably intelligent person, regardless of education, can take a more accurate reading of self and others and then design systems that fit both the circumstances and the people. Often this means finding ways of doing things that are congruent with the world as the other person or group perceives it and fine-tuning managerial, educational motivational and transformational options to best fit those multiple simultaneous realities.

The question isn’t “How do you motivate people?” but how do you relate what you are doing to their natural motivational flows. A person has a right to be who he or she is.

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