About NVC Consulting

NVC Consulting delivers SPIRAL DYNAMICS trainings, programs, assessments, materials, insights, and real-world applications of Dr. Clare W. Graves' work to a wide audience in business, education, government, not for profit, and community services. We help organizations master the challenges of leadership development, managing diversity, congruent change approaches, conflict, strategy, sustainability, organizational development, coaching approaches, culture, and systems transformation.

NVC Consulting (NVCC) grew out of the National Values Center, Inc., and continues to focus today on extending and applying the original work of Dr. Clare W. Graves, as well as other systems and developmental theorists. From its beginnings, NVCC has been helping people and organizations to think in new and better ways about the human factors impacting all areas of our lives.

Our projects include work in helping clients to deal with shifts in values and ethics, leadership and management development, disaster operations preparedness, closing the gaps in quality programs, responding to diversity within communities and organizations, strategic foresight and futures planning, marketing and message development, as well as many programs for social workers and educators, as well as for corporate trainers, executive coaches and organization development consultants.

In addition to SPIRAL DYNAMICS consulting services and programs, NVCC delivers in-depth certification and application training around the world in adult development, human systems, and particularly Gravesian theory and models. Our courses help participants explore, understand, and apply the foundational theory and powerful resources of these models. We offer a range of educational materials, wisdom from ongoing research, as well as access to assessments and learning tools to support your goals and activities.

NVC Consulting is based in Santa Barbara, California, and has affiliates in the United States, Europe, Australia, South Africa, South America, Russia, and elsewhere.

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