Spiral Dynamics in Action

What began as Dr. Graves’ quest to identify the nature of mankind has evolved into a practical tool for observing, anticipating and understanding our perplexing and sometimes conflicting human nature.

Why? Because Spiral Dynamics training conveys principles that grant human beings the right to be who they are, a window to see how they might be, and a map to find where others are.

Contents in Spiral Dynamics programs can be adapted to complement other ways of knowing—from strategic approaches to personal growth. Using Spiral Dynamics tools:

  • Business people can understand organizational culture and change with more finesse.
  • Consultants can better work with clients in transition and maximize those at stability.
  • Educators can design learning that makes better sense with more relevance to learners.
  • Parents and children can begin to recognize each other’s needs and viewpoints.
  • Managers can address human factors dilemmas because the Spiral provides you a language that reaches far beyond the usual demographics.
  • Marketers can reach potential customers with messages that resonate.
  • Health care providers can partner with patients more effectively.
  • Religious leaders can tailor their efforts to serve a range of groups simultaneously.
  • Average people can find comfort in what sometimes feels like an incomprehensible world.
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