We're not fans of the “Spiral Wizard” notion, having found that most people who claim the title fall a bit short on understanding the theory or applying it ecologically.

So, even though the device was included in the 1996 Spiral Dynamics book, we prefer to leave the wizardry to Merlin and Harry Potter.

Our mascot is the Spiral Lizard, an unpretentious creature that represents the merging of many colors, each contributing to the well-being of the whole organism.

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Several interesting items also appear on our new Humergence blog
For those interested in international conflict, especially when framed as a clash of religions, we offer "Drawing Lines on Paper and Sand: Anatomy of a Cartoon Clash"

October/November 2005

Human Values and Their Harmonics or Polarizing Influences on Group Discussion 
Report on a Project by Paul Raymond Moore
A Library, A Bridge to Peace
Graves and Maslow: A Comparative Analysis

March 2005 Newsletter
Save Christiania
Everyone is an SD Expert
Premature Integral
What Isn't Enlightenment?

March/April 2004 Newsletter
The Never Ending Quest
Improving Strategic Planning with SD
The Optimal Learning 'Kids'

December 2003 Newsletter
Focus on the bio-:  looking at Bruce Lipton's work
The Consciousness Mirror

October 2003 Newsletter
Spiral Dynamics: A Fig Leaf Substituting for Science?
What are you guys doing in California? Arnold and the recall.
Film review: Derrida 

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