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If you’re a business leader, consultant, trainer, manager,
coach—or anyone whose success
depends on understanding human nature—our Spiral Dynamics® programs will give you unmatched tools and insights.

"It's only as good as the source."


Welcome to Spiral Dynamics Online                                  

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March 2013: UPCOMING TRAININGS in the U.K. and Netherlands

Spiral Dynamics Online is the home of “The Spiral Dynamics People”—NVC Consulting, our affiliates and the International Spiral Dynamics Organization. As the primary content providers for Spiral Dynamics® programs and Gravesian theory, we also offer materials, assessments, courses, consulting, and the most comprehensive in-depth certification training in the work of Dr. Clare W. Graves on which these applications are based. 
                                                                           -- Chris Cowan and Natasha Todorovic

NVCC's Spiral Dynamics® programs offer new ways of thinking about the complexities of human existence and understanding the order and chaos in human affairs. Understand the deep forces in human nature which shape our values, and lay out both a pattern and trajectory for change. SD materials, trainings and consulting will help you gain a greater understanding of how people, organizations and cultures function from the inside out—and will empower you to help them work, learn, and live better.

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