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“The Never Ending Quest: Clare W. Graves Explores Human Nature”

This essential compilation of Dr. Graves's writing is edited by Chris Cowan and Natasha Todorovic with the help of William R. Lee and others. Relying on papers, recordings and the text of Dr. Graves's previously unpublished manuscript, this is as close as we will ever come to the book Dr. Graves intended to write before his health stopped him. 

Entirely in his own words, Graves describes his research and how he came to his remarkable theory over a period of years. He compares his work to a number of other theoreticians' and shows how this kind of thinking can be useful from the individual to geopolitical levels. 

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“Clare W. Graves: Levels of Human Existence”
A new transcription edited by William R. Lee of Dr. Graves' 1971 seminar at the Washington School of Psychiatry with original diagrams and descriptions of his foundational research. 

Also includes an authorized reprint of the classic article, "Levels of Human Existence: An Open System Theory of Values," from the Journal of Humanistic Psychology, Fall 1970. 

(182 pp, paperback, 3rd printing) Price: $18.95 + shipping 
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“Spiral Dynamics: Mastering Values,
Leadership, and Change”
by Don Beck & Christopher Cowan. This is the book that popularized the term, "Spiral Dynamics," and began the interest in applications of Gravesian theory. 

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Printable Index for Spiral Dynamics in early hardback version (omitted by the publisher). Newly-released paperback copies now include this index.

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Now available in Dutch from Altamira-Becht Publishers

Also available in Portuguese!


Come home to Gravesian Roots
The Psychological Map (6 tapes: a one-day session)
Reflections (2 tapes: a 90 minute overview)
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Basics and principles audio (.mp3) from Dr. Graves's seminar handouts laying out some of the basics of his point of view. Read by Chris Cowan (17 minutes) 

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