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If you’re a business leader,
consultant, trainer, manager,
coach—or anyone whose success
depends on understanding 
human nature—Spiral Dynamics will give you unmatched tools
and insights.


NVC Consulting: The Spiral Dynamics People



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We are the home of ECLET Publishing, the primary source for authentic Gravesian materials.

The International Spiral Dynamics Organization (ISDO) is a new coordinating point for connecting those who have complete Spiral Dynamics Levels 1 and 2 training in the Graves approach, and for establishing qualifications for those claiming expertise in the work through ethical standards and competency testing.

Who we are...

At NVC Consulting (NVCC), an outgrowth and expansion of the National Values Center, Inc., we have been tracking and researching the emergence of human nature since 1978. NVCC partner Christopher Cowan co-founded NVC in Texas. Using the BioPsychoSocial Systems perspective of Dr. Clare W. Graves as a primary vehicle, NVCC partners Cowan and Natasha Todorovic continue to explore a wide range of activities in both research and application where emergent human systems matter. They also co-train the Spiral Dynamics training programs internationally.

NVCC's Cowan produced Spiral Dynamics: Mastering Values, Leadership, and Change with his former partner, Don Beck, as co-author. Released in 1996, that was the publication which introduced the term, 'spiral dynamics' to a popular audience. Now, together with Todorovic since 1999 and no longer associated with Beck, they anchor this branch of the work for those interested in undiluted theoretical foundations and practical, real-world applications under the Spiral Dynamics trademark; they include a broad systems perspective.

Cowan and Todorovic formed ECLET Publishing to provide greater access to primary source materials derived from the Gravesian legacy, and recently made Dr. Graves's previously-unreleased manuscript available in The Never Ending Quest: Clare W. Graves Explores Human Nature. With colleague William R. Lee, 'archivist of the Gravesian legacy,' they have also released Clare W. Graves: Levels of Human Existence based on a seminar transcription by Lee. Together, they maintain the website to serve the Gravesian community. ECLET also offers audio and video packages for students of Gravesian theory unavailable anywhere else. Their research includes the work of Dr. Graves where it is being tied to other scholars and theorists to continue exploring how emergent human systems function.

The foundational Gravesian model - truly the core of Spiral Dynamics programs and recent spin-offs - focuses on the elements that create personality and behavior, which define our choices and stimulate change or stabilization. It addresses transformation in social systems, congruence in management practices, best fit of learner and learning methods in education, as well as variations in perspectives on 'consciousness' and even approaches to spirituality. Spin-offs in that regard are currently quite popular, though only a small slice of the potential which lies in the approach represented by Dr. Graves. Our concentration is on practical uses of deep values theory and applications of it while expanding on the authentic base with new research and studies.

NVC Consulting is a partnership based in Santa Barbara, California. We strive to teach the Gravesian models comprehensively and suggest how to use them in understanding human value systems via the Emergent, Cyclical Levels of Existence Theory (ECLET). One key is answering the Gravesian Design Question: "How should who manage (teach, influence, motivate, etc.) whom to do what, when?" The work is especially important when people factors and differences in Value Systems shape decisions, drive relationships, merge cultures, and form individual or group personality. Welcome to the Gravesian map to human nature.

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