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Consider these events:

  • A car manufacturer designs and successfully introduces a new vehicle.
  • A mother can talk to her teenage son for the first time in many months.
  • A program is formed to help get kids out of trouble and back into school.
  • A manufacturer increases sales by 30 by organizing into a new structure.
  • A protester diffuses a potentially violent conflict with a few words to a counter demonstrator.
  • A bank increases new accounts by 70 percent.
  • A Greenpeace organizer strategizes more effectively about where to invest her time and energy.
  • Two warring department heads who didn't speak for five years put their teams and talents together to make an impossible project work.

All of these examples have one thing in common—Spiral Dynamics Training. Our clients and course participants credited these accomplishments to the use and insights gleaned from the Spiral Dynamics program(s) they attended.

Our students tell us that as a result of Spiral Dynamics training, complex problems like war, conflict, politics, cultural differences and change begin to form patterns that make sense. They tell us new worlds open for them and things they didn't understand before suddenly become clear.

Here are some comments from recent course participants:

"The nvc consulting SD1&2 courses are the first trainings I have ever felt unreservedly delighted to put my name to in endorsement. I recommend them highly to anyone interested in deepening their understanding of human life and increasing their effectiveness in facilitating change. While the course structure and content provides a powerful, inspiring, and stimulating learning environment, the impact of the teaching was especially enhanced by the intellectual generosity of Chris and Natasha, who presented the material with a combination of warmth, humour, and zestful intellectual rigour. I also want to thank Clemens Bender who provided useful course support, in addition to his congenial and efficient hospitality. As well as profound new insights into my own psychology, I now have tools and methodologies for practical applications in the transformation of individuals and organisations. The human operating system needs this upgrade."

                                                                Adam Pearson

“In my work as a PR and communication consultant, it’s important to understand how to communicate with many different types of people and ways of thinking. There are many models and theories for segmentation, but none of them is as useful and precise as Spiral Dynamics. With Spiral Dynamics, I can communicate precisely what I want to whom I want in the right way. It has become the most important tool in my work—both in understanding a job and getting it done."
                                                                 Maria Stetter

                                                                 STETTER PR & Kommunikation

"In my work with international projects, the most important parameter for success is my ability to “read” and understand local cultures. Spiral Dynamics gives me an excellent platform to understand, organize and implement changes in accordance with the local culture and the people who are going to ‘live’ the change."
                                                                 Henrik Bjørnstrup

"Unlike many other models I've been trained in, Spiral Dynamics is one
that I find potential applications for, in every single day of my life" 
                                                                 Marcus Barber 
                                                                 Looking Up Feeling Good Pty Ltd

"The most beneficial and illuminating course that I have ever done.
Outstanding facilitators. Outstanding course content. Outstanding
presentation of knowledge. Outstanding examples. The course was once
again - OUTSTANDING. See you next year (again)." 
                                                                 Raymond De Lai 

"The approach, solidly based in the theory of Clare Graves is profound in
the scope of personal & professional applications where it can add value"
                                                                 Nina McCaul
                                                                 True North Mindscaping (Pty) Ltd

"The certification in spiral dynamics was a fantastic course that gave me
great insight into how I think within the environment I live and work
in. It has given me tools to work with my team particularly in managing
change and identifying who should do what" 
                                                                 Janet Dullaghan 
Director of Nursing and Clinical Service 
                                                                 Cambridgeshire Primary Care Trust

"SD provides a very useful way to begin to understand and engage with
people and organizations around us; our children, our churches, our
employers, our governments, etc." 
                                                                 Don Benson 
Consulting Engineer

"The SD model and the understanding I got from the training has helped me
greatly in making sense of the problems and challenges in our lives, in
our relationships, in our systems and in our world." 
                                                                 Ron Rowe 
Project Developer 
                                                                 Wellness Education Research

"Some courses have a warm lingering feeling, but relatively no lasting
impact. SD is different. Its lingering impact was intense and churned
in my head for weeks, while 1.5 years later the lasting impact continues
to be immensely important, providing clarity to my work and my day to
day relationships."
                                                                  Debra Tufts 
Professional Services, Sr. Manager

"I have begun to observe my world with new eyes and hearing structure in
interactions with others." 
                                                                  Robert Smale

"SD has become a very useful tool for the ongoing task of understanding
people, their motivations, capacity for change and insight onto their
worldview. &LF;&LF;I work a lot with encouraging people and having a
better sense of vMemes has helped me customize my efforts to the
particular person I am working with."
                                                                 Pete Peterson

"Spiral Dynamics changed the way I look at the world. It is not only
relevant in a business context, but also very powerful on a personal
relationship level."
                                                                 Kara Rodden, Ms 

"Thanks so much to you and to Chris for a really great week. I so appreciated
the brain trust in the training room and the intellectual stimulation. While the
intention behind the training may not have been to create transformational
change, it did just that for me. I am truly thankful for the dynamism of the
teaching and the ability of each of you to share your information, as well as for
your empathy and great humour. I believe that you are doing a great service
for people and their understanding of others in the world by disseminating this
teaching. It is powerful. I feel that I am just on the tip of the iceberg with the
information and will spend the rest of my life considering it. I know that I will 
sit in your class again. This is so worthwhile.
                                                                    Sheila Winter Wallace
                                                                    A.C.T. & Inspire

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